Change has always scared the shit out of me. My therapist told me I have an adjustment disorder, so I guess that makes sense. Big changes though, those are what nightmares are made of.

I start a new job in February, one that I guess you could say is my dream job; I wanted it so bad when I was in x-ray school that I was almost certain I’d take the path of Interventional Radiology (IR) after graduating. I had an interview for IR right out of school and didn’t get the job. I felt defeated and discouraged.

I have been trying to make changes to my career for over a year now, I felt like I was drowning in my current position and not making much of a difference. I needed more; a challenge, something more stimulating. Something I could leave work every day and be proud of what I did. Something that will help me grow, evolve, and progress. I applied for different positions internally, didn’t get any of them. Then I stumbled upon this IR posting and waited months from the initial application process, to the interview, to the actual job offer. But I got it. I got a job in Vascular Interventional Radiology.

Guess everything does happen for a reason, right?

I feel so many things when it comes to starting this job, a wide range of emotions that go from scared to excited to anxious. Scared to know that patient’s lives are literally going to be in my hands. Excited to learn new things every day, meet new people, make a new routine, and create a career I’m proud of. Anxious because I have to wait until FEBRUARY to start!

At the end of the day though, I know that I’m taking a big step in the right direction. I know that the decision to accept this job will bring many other things I’ve been wishing for for a long while. I know that I’m ready to not let fear dictate my life or keep me from growing, evolving, and progressing. Because there’s nothing scarier being stuck in a place you feel you don’t belong, or doing something every day that brings you absolutely no joy.

Do you have something you want to change? Does it scare the shit out of you?

I know the feeling.

But it’s time.

Published by ramblingsofaneccentricfreak

Radiographer by day, photographer by night. Finding more and more things I like to do every day, so here I am to share it with the world.

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